Thursday, May 8, 2014


- only 15k T23E3 tanks will be handed out on RU server (because “World on Fire” is a short event)
- T23E3 has a premium tank status. According to orc, it has really good rate of fire and not bad penetration, T-34-85 gets killed really fast, it’s something like E-25
- T23E3 will be obtainable for non-CW players, it will be either sold, or will be a reward for some event
- there was an idea that top 30k (on RU server) players, who don’t recieve the T23E3 would recieve credits equal to their fame points count, but it was decided not to do it
- Chat 2.0 is still being worked on, the option to read whispers/chat with friends inside battle will come in very distant future
- WG now has a system, that automatically detects rigged fights
- there is no ETA on future game events (SS: as in the Super Pershing one probably), but they are in plans already

WW2 Photos Part 35 (tanks only)

Epic Win TD's

Epic Win MT's