Sunday, May 11, 2014


- when World of Tanks were created, BigWorld was the only way to go, it was the only engine available with suitable networking part
- the Flash in World of Tanks is used in the form of something called “Scaleform” (SS: sorry no idea what that means)
- IS-7 and E-50 won’t be buffed soon
- RU251 and new US light tanks? “Medium KTTS” (SS: as in “when it’s done it’s done, it has medium priority” – that means anything between 3 and 6 months from now I’d say)


- Storm states that multicore support will not strongly influence game performance
- Storm states that the supertest patchnotes are not final: “there is a long way to go till the patch goes live”
- regarding the “hidden Sherman nerf” in 9.0, it was intended, but Storm states that the fact it did not appear in patchnotes first was a mistake of the program, that generates the list of tank changes for the patchnotes. They fixed it and Storm hopes it won’t repeat itself.
- a player asked that there are rumors about a mod, that actually makes the game display tank silhouette even beyond the official render range, Storm replies that that would be possible only if the mod actually takes the tank position beyond the render range from the minimap, eg. such mod won’t display tank and turret orientation
- regarding sharp FPS drops with the shadows enabled: “Shadows eat resources and that’s something we can’t do anything about”