Tuesday, May 13, 2014

9.0 Removing Allied Green Contour

9.0 Skin JagdPz E-100


9.0 Remodeling JagdTiger Pak43 8.8 cm

9.0 Skin Centurion Mk III


9.0 WoT Tank Viewer 1.0.15


Epic Win MT's

WW2 Photos Part 36 (tanks only)


- damage, “eaten” by detracked shells that didn’t however penetrate will count towards “damage blocked by armor” it seems, but ONLY if the trajectory of the shell would otherwise intersect with the hull, were the tracks not there
- two vehicles will have their engines changed in the 9.1 test – Hellcat and Jackson
- it is possible to balance tanks based on their winrate, compared to the average winrate of various accounts (SS: the “new method”)
- +/-1 MM spread will not be implemented
- there are no plans to return 8.11 graphics and make the HD optional via settings
- there will not be a patch 8.11 rollback either