Thursday, May 15, 2014

9.0 MeltyMap'sMathMod

9.0 Arty Minimap Sights By Dakasik


- Storm states that the amount of gold ammo fired per battle is usually 10-15 percent, 20-30 percent are separate cases, which are rare, on low tiers there is a lower amount of gold shells fired
- T-54, FV215b (183), T69 – they don’t belong to the tanks, that use massive amounts of gold ammo (80 percent)
- it’s possible FV304 will be nerfed
- Churchill and IS HD models are not ready yet apparently
- Storm states that he will investigate artillery accuracy, there are no guarantees it won’t be touched (SS: earlier it was confirmed that the developers want to nerf tank accuracy a bit)

9,0 Vanga Aim Bot V2 By LSDMAX


Works even with arty now....

WW2 Photos Part 37 (tanks only)

Map Kharkov



- VK Porsche not buffed while it needs a buff? “It happens”
- Storm states that the nerf of imbalanced tanks WILL come, developers did not decide to leave them
- gold ammo shots make 10-15 percent of all shots fired, sometimes up to 20 percent – there are peaks of more, but they are rare, official statistics won’t be disclosed
- Storm confirms that gold ammo statistics do not show “terrible dominance of gold ammo”
- the gold ammo statistics are about the same for tier 10 and the entire game
- Storm states he could partially agree with the increase of role of armor
- skill MM? Storm: “If it will come, then in a separate mode, such as ‘ranked random’ as an addition to normal random battles”
- normalization will not be further reduced, it’s small as it is
- T18 will still be too strong in 9.1? “You can play on T18″ (Storm states later that T18 will be nerfed)