Friday, May 16, 2014

9.0 Skin T-34-85


9.0 Skin T-54


9.0 Skin Centurion Mk III - Warhammer



- Christie tanks will come, but not anytime soon
- Storm is not worried about the losses of online player numbers (SS: some tried to put a connection between that and War Thunder open beta, that was released yesterday IMHO) – he states that in summer, player statistics by drop a lot
- Storm states that nothing was changed with FPS in the micropatch, observed FPS losses are placebo
- developers are actively working on serious optimization steps
- Q: “To regulate TD’s you need to remove the sixth sense, it wasn’t there before!” A: “Sixth sense is already very old.”

9.0 Hybrid Blue Damage Panel By Soulza

9.0 Soulza's Blue V3 Pack


9.0 Blue Damage Panel By CMD_Storm