Monday, May 19, 2014

Epic Win MT's


- Storm admits that even “real” tank characteristics in random battles aren’t always historical
- Storm states that there are almost no bad maps in the game anymore, all of them were fixed so they are playable
- Storm confirms the premium Valentine changes leaked earlier today – the armor will be nerfed to 8.11 level because in 9.0 someone over-buffed it
- roaming has been postponed for now
- tank descriptions on minimap will come “it’s done when it’s done”
- the mod that exists and does the tank descriptions on minimap is “terrible unoptimized – we have to start from scratch”
- dynamic tank characteristics in hangar (based on what modules you have installed) will come this year
- test 9.1 will be in May (SS: possibly this week)


- some players on RU forum started spreading rumors that artillery will be removed from the game – it’s BS, won’t happen
- SerB states that generally speaking, WG always compensates the players for XP, when they make changes in any branches
- according to Overlord, World of Tanks Blitz will be released worldwide “with a substantial update” (as in, during a bigger patch)