Monday, May 26, 2014

9.1 Map Changes (.gif)

9.0 Skin KV-1s HD


9.0 Remodeling STB-1 «Barracuda»



- the engine sound will not be heard during the battle countdown, the vehicle will fire up after the countdown reaches 0
- of all players online, the percentage of players in queue changes, the amount of players online depends a lot on events and missions
- in the test, SU-100 guns (D-10S and D-2-5S) did not get their camo factor after shot nerfed, this will be fixed in the next round/live client
- the same gun on various tanks (unless it’s premium tanks) should not have different camo loss after shot from one another (SS: as in, for example D-10S will lose the same amount of camo factor after shooting on all tanks that carry it)
- the fact the loss of visibility after shooting for RhB was nerfed only slightly is correct

WOT Tank Viewer - Version 1.0.17 (official)

9.1 Model Changes (.gif)

28 BOT's In A Single Battle