Tuesday, May 27, 2014

150 6th Sense Icons (yes, that much)

9.0 Auto-loader Ammo Count

9.0 Battle Statistics In Office Excel Files By Zolinmaher


- Storm confirms that the 9.1 Valentine II armor change is a fix, the armor will be the same as in 8.11 (SS: apparently this got the Russians very excited for some reason)
- in 9.1 there will be no new HD models
- Province (SS: not sure about the name in English, the lowtier valley) and Widepark will not appear in high tier battles, they are too small
- the new sounds were implemented into the 9.1 test for feedback collection, it’s not yet sure whether they will appear on live server the way they are
- both the sound and the graphics correspond to the full aim circle reduction (SS: as in, both the sound and the graphic circle should show that the circle is fully aimed)
- WT E-100 150mm gun is not overnerfed

9.1 TS Clear Sky Mod



- Storm on quoting Discovery Channel (Great Tank Battles show) as a historical source: “Discovery is even more laughable than Wikipedia. My source are our historical consultants.” (SS: the question was, whether there were Tigers in Ardennes – there were a few, they didn’t fight though)
- for now, developers aren’t considering removing the rule where both sides have to have the same amount of arty (and scouts) (SS: this rule is not absolute, I think there is +/-1 tolerance)
- Storm states that when it comes to historicity of guns in World of Tanks – made up tanks (WT E-100) can have any gun that fits, historical tanks can only have guns they had in real life