Wednesday, May 28, 2014

9.0 Skin M103


9.0 Remodeling E-50 Anime

9.0 Remodeling E-50 M Anime


9.0 Rusty Tracks Pack

9.0 Border Troops Day Hangar


- Storm confirms that the alleged 9.2 IS-7 DPM buff promise is a photoshopped fake
- the feedback for 9.1 Test Hellcat and Jackson engine sound is very positive
- the 300 meter sound radius (changed to 600 meter in 9.1) cannot be set via editing XML files
- XP awarded for “tanking” (for potential damage)? “It’s not rumors, but I won’t give you any details”
Storm explains the infamous “28 bots” video: “It was an staged battle after the restart of the server, where there were practically zero players online. They gathered a few people, they ran a few clients with bots and they entered the battle on the count of three. And they achieved such an effect. We banned the experimenters.”
- Storm confirms there will be a second round of the test