Saturday, May 31, 2014

D-Day Beaches


9.1 Niurko Summer Hangar

9.1 Bat Cave Hangar


9.1 Hellinger Desert Hangar

9.1 Hellinger Winter Hangar

9.1 Thanksgiving Day Hangar

9.1 Poppy Field Hangar

9.1 Match Making


- according to Storm, further use of BigWorld engine very much has a future (SS: as in in WG games)
- it’s possible bigger maps will come, “but no promises”
- developers are not considering transferring to a different game engine, but modernizing the current one
- Storm confirms that the patch frequency is one per 1,5 months
- there will be a video showing how the WG team recorded the real tank sounds
- apparently there won’t be a third hangar for WoT