Monday, June 2, 2014

WW2 Photos Part 39 (tanks only)


- apparently there is a rare random bug, where when you put full cruise control forward, the tank starts going backwards, Storm states he hasn’t heard of this bug
- the are no plans for now to rework the tank damage system (SS: a player is complaining for example about full damage penetrations of commander copula etc.)
- more complex (different?) damage system could appear in some form of hardcore mode, but Storm states that in WG internally there is no agreement on such a mode (SS: as in, no plans for now)
- tier 8 tank MM will not be modified (SS: some player was complaining that tier 8′s get too much in battles with tier 10′s and so on)
- no plans to buff T28 and T95
- the fact that Soviet gun S-54, S-54S and several US 76mm guns have different gold and silver ammo damage is a mistake, it will be fixed
- after battletier 12 was removed, Storm currently considers the MM situation as normal (SS: some player wanted to remove battletier 11 as well, this will not happen)
- the 9.1 Test 2 sound volume is the same as in 9.0
- Storm states that the drop in online playerbase on RU server is the same as last year, it is influenced by the start of holidays and good weather (SS: as in, no real drop due to War Thunder)
- Q: “What are you planning to do with too many TD’s on tier 10?” A: “Nothing. Such cases (SS: as in, a player showed a screenie with like 8 TDs in each team) are not systemic. (SS: as in too common) We will balance individual vehicles.”
- there will not be a “global rebalance of all vehicles” – there will be changes, but not “global ones”
- tank rebalances will come “when it’s done it’s done”, and “no promises”