Thursday, June 5, 2014


- apparently, in some cases, the SLI support is still messy even after the latest Nvidia patch
- Storm states that buying/using Spintires engine (SS: a game with excellent physics) is not an option, since everything has to be calculated on the server and then the data have to be transferred to the clients
- Storm states that the alleged bug of lags on Windstorm map (after a player submitted his computer data, logs etc.) was not confirmed, it’s more likely some issue with reading data from the disk on that player’s side. Storm adds that Windstorm has a lot of specific buildings and new content, making the loading longer
- WG will work with Nvidia to fix the SLI issue
- Storm states that the optimization in the game in a patch doesn’t have to be a huge leap every time (SS: as in, WG can continue optimizing the game in small steps)
- Storm confirms that in 9.1, they fixed the FPS drops when switching to sniper mode while the terrain is not on highest quality setting
- new vehicles in next 2 patches? “No comment”
- apparently the bug with moving corpses (SS: I think that’s what it means – literally “dancing hulls”) in cities was partially fixed in 9.1
- Havok will come this year
- WoT Blitz for Android will come “after iOS”

- there will be arty in WoT for Xbox at some point
- apparently, SerB’s son, who is currently serving in the army, is too tall to fit into a tank
- according to Overlord, WG has several ideas on gold ammo rebalancing, including their “limitation” apparently. It is not sure if any of these ideas will be introduced.