Wednesday, June 11, 2014

9.1 GnomeFather's Gun And Engine Sounds Mod (Huge Thanks To Jeno For Finding This)

9.1 Compressed Textures (Installer)

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(if any of the links are NOT working, the author is changing something on the download server, check later all links will be active as they are ready)

9.1 Sauron - 6th Sense With Sound


9.1 WoT Tweaker Plus

9.1 HP Bars


9.1 Damage Panel 1.3.4 Int Centered And Vanilla By Locastan

9.1 Allied Silouhettes Always + Silouhette Colors By Locastan


9.1 Scope Shadow Removal By Locastan

9.1 Blue Sniper Scope By Arturick


9.1 Glo Sniper Scope


9.1 Sniper Scope By Kriegstreiber


9.1 WOTRC Mod - Random Free Camo


9.1 Deegie Sight (not official)


9.1 White Sniper Scope


9.1 World Of Warplanes Sniper Scope By Andre_V, xXxBIGROCKxXx


9.1 Taipan Sniper Scope By Dikey93


9.1 Sniper Scope "Mjölnir" By Kriegstreiber

9.1 Killerente94 Damage Panel

9.1 Bianko Sniper Scope


9.1 Locastan Damage Panel

9.1 Terminator Sniper Scope


9.1 Sniper Scope By demon2597


9.1 YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + Session Statistics

Version 1 English Mediafire Dropbox
Version 2 English Mediafire Dropbox
Version 3 English Mediafire Dropbox
Vanilla English Mediafire Dropbox
Alternative In-game battle messages (Skulls) English Mediafire Dropbox

9.1 Aslain's XVM Mod + ModPack INSTALLER

9.1 WoT Tweaker (multilingual)

9.1 Zoom Out

9.1 Sword of Damocles Arty Sight