Saturday, June 28, 2014

WoT Integrity Scan

Usual scenario: You have been messing with mods and you f**** something up. No need to download the whole game again.

9.1 Broken Glass Effect

Several Changes To PKWOT

Fellow tankers,
since I will have much less time to spend here we will have to make some sacrifices.

  1. ShoutBox has been added to the blog. Argue all you want it's free :)
  2. Comments in posts will stay fully open but I wont answer each and every one of them. It's just time consuming and I better spend that time stealing shit.
  3. For any questions, problems, pink elephants: ask in the shout box. If I'm online I will answer. If I'm not - How Terrible (SerB). Pray that someone else is online.
  4. For any expert problems feel free to contact CMD_Storm here. Yes, you will need to register but (trust me) you will have access to the best place for WoT modding on the web. 
  5. I will continue to post as usual, I just need to get my hands on a beast transformer tablet (already in the mail) so I can "work" while on the move.
  6. I wanna thank for banning me and several other fellows from EU, NA and SEA servers (from their forum NOT the game).

Thank you for your support,
stealing can continue...

9.1 Sword of Damocles ver. 7.4


9.1 Skin Hummel

9.1 Skin T-54


9.1 Skin Waffenträger auf E 100


Leatrix Latency Fix


- World of Tanks: Blitz is already no.1 free app in RU region after its release
- according to Overlord, WoT Blitz got tremendous support from players, partners and press
- Tanitha confirms that adding new tanks into the game won’t stop
- new French regular tanks most likely won’t come in 2014
- premium ammo is not on sale during events much anymore, because it can be purchased for credits
- developers are considering various “loyalty programs” (bonuses for old players), none have been approved yet however. It’s possible such a system (allegedly quite complicated) will see the light of day around the end of the year
- EU tanks will not come soon (not in 2014) (SS: but they will, horay :))
- the idea to implement TOG II* into the game apparently came from developer visits to the Bovington museum
- currently, the roaming option is not a matter of “when”, but “if at all”, there is apparently no release plan for it at the moment (SS: so it’s possible it won’t come at all)
- US light tanks (the “Chaffee branch”), German LT8 (RU251) and Soviet LT8 (LTTB) are currently planned for 9.3
- Wargaming is cooperating with Sony to promote the tank movie Fury, the movie is still far away (SS: November), but it’s possible there will be an ingame event connected to its release
- interestingly enough, the tier 8 Soviet light tank in the game is referred to as “LTB”, when the semi-historical name is “LTTB” (literally “light tank with heavy armor”)