Thursday, July 3, 2014

9.2 Test Screenshots



- T-44-85 was shelved
- Chinese tank destroyers will come, but not in 2014
- rework of light tanks is planned
- when IS-3 is reworked into HD, it will recieve “historical hull armor” (SS: funny, I thought it had one already)
- there will be Italian and EU tanks, but not soon
- EU tree concept including the national crews is ready, it will be disclosed when the time is right
- AMX-30 will come (it’s done when it’s done)
- alternative French HT and MT branches are planned, definitely not for 2014 though
- NbFz is not planned for introduction for now

Why Play WoT Blitz ?

9.1 Broken Destructibles By DrWebber (huge THANKS to Rob Lesnar for sending this)


F5 - on/off


- Storm confirms: in 9.2 supertest patchnotes, there was a mistake, specifically in the part that says that HD model will display only on player’s tank – in fact, HD models will display on all HD tanks, but the textures will be at 50 percent quality on other tanks
- the change above was made so the textures do not overload graphic memory, Storm states that the difference is noticeable only on 1-1,5 meter distance
- will the change above reduce lags from HD tanks being scouted for the first time on the map that some players have been reporting? Storm: “I cannot say anything about that”
- FV215b (183) HESH pen was nerfed because other nerfs, such as DPM nerf etc. wouldn’t solve the issues with oneshots from this tank, there was even an exact internal calculation of what effect will this change have on heavy tanks when firing at them from the front
- Storm talking about FV215b (183) nerf: “The vehicle was balanced around its AP shell, which has more than decent characteristics. The fact that everyone started using HESH shells was not expected by the balancers and it was our mistake. HESH shell with 230 penetration will still have its uses against “paper” targets and when shooting enemies in the side or in the back”
- IS-3 will not appear in HD in 9.2, it was postponed
- there is no plan to merge Korean and ASIA server
- currently, VK4502(P) Ausf.B is being considered for Armor buffs of the upper and lower glacis plates
- the Sentinel Australian tank might be “introduced one day, not in 2014 though” (SS: according to what Chieftain said earlier, Sentinel will not be a part of the LL “Firefly” branch, so it’s possible it will come later)
- it’s possible the Australian units Kangaroo decal will appear in WoT