Saturday, July 5, 2014


- FV4202 replacement confirmed (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- currently, TD hardcap is not planned
- during a recent Wargaming HQ meeting, it was cleared for some people (SS: in this case Tanitha) to discuss the global development and issues more at their own discretion (SS: the last part is important)
- too many people AFKing in battles (on ASIA server)? “People believe in a lot of things. You are free to continue to believe what you wish.”
- captcha for botting suspects? “End of the year is probably more realistic for a final implementation, all going to plan and plans not changing.” (SS: players suspected of botting will have to fill captcha every time they want to go to battle)
- regarding the blocking of bots: “…they cant really be blocked. All attempts I’ve seen from all other software companies blocking bots in the past, resulted in bots being blocked for about ~4 hours. 4 hours later the altered bot was back out in circulation, with no effect.”

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