Sunday, July 13, 2014

MILEX 2014

WoT Twitch Mod

9.2 Model Changes



- developers are considering how to improve the tank movement in WoT, specifically “drifting”: “On one hand, it would widen the gameplay. On the other hand, you’d have to ‘fight your own tank’”
- the hangar interface will get a new header
- dynamic (reactive) armor will not be implemented
Storm explains the new motion physics and how it will differ from the current motion physics – there are two variants of implementation, unlimited and limited. With the new motion system limited, it is not too different from current tank motion. But with unlimited historical motion physics:
- there would be many, many drifts
- turning of a tank would be more “sharp” and “twitchy”
- a lot of “rocking” of the tank (when stopping, when accelerating, turning)
- generally there would be a lower speed of moving due to the significant losses of speed when turning
- the tank would rock a lot due to various obstacles on the ground
- no instant stops