Monday, July 14, 2014

The Summer Holiday Has Arrived - Run For Your Life !!! (Part 3)



- apparently (SS: if I understand it correctly), the new motion physics will introduce more “contact points” between tracks and surface (SS: as in, more realistic looking tank movement)
- Storm does think that Aufklärungspanzer Panther should be changed to something better, but there are no suitable replacements available
- Storm states that tanks in real life are much less maneuverable than in the game
- Q: “What and how long will it take to implement realistic track movement” A: “100 years and the US national debt”
- Storm confirms, the premium tier 8 Soviet medium tank (T-54 Model 1945) will have 120mm frontal plate
- Storm states that the MT8 Soviet prem will be a slow tank, like the Super Pershing (it won’t be a second Type 59)
- World of Tanks ingame gravity is 1,2G (“otherwise the tank would fly as if passing through jelly”)
- Q: “Will WoT HD IS-3 be at least as good as the War Thunder one?” A: “We will definitely not have a rectangular gun”