Sunday, July 20, 2014

WW2 Photos Part 44 (tanks only)

9.2 Test Server Compressed Textures


- for now, amphibious tanks won’t be implemented
- Cannoneer (a developer, responsible for historical tank research) states that FV4202 can actually have the 105mm L7, as the 20pdr and 105mm L7 were interchangeable (they used the same mount)
- RU251 dimensions compared to Leopard 1: 10 percent shorter, 8 percent narrower and 14 percent lower (for hull only)
- Leopard prototype cannot be a tier 8 premium tank according to developers, because its every version has a 105mm gun
- IS-6 armor and maximum speed are historically correct, won’t be buffed
- IS-4 will not get S-34 (100mm) and S-34-2 (122mm) guns, that were used on its prototypes. Cannoneer explains that the S-34 is basically the same as the D-10T and the S-34-2 is practically equal to the D-25T