Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Summer Holiday Has Arrived - Run For Your Life !!! (Part 4)


9.1/9.2 TS Four's FPS And Performance Modpack (Ver. 2.1/3.0/3.Lite+)

Lowest settings not enough?
Massive frame rate drops when sniping through bushes?
Game freezes when entering sniper mode?

This is with the full version:



- the exact formula of credit gain calculations will not be disclosed
- there is no direct corellation between credit gain and winrate: “Playing to gain maximum amount of money, playing to gain maximum amount of XP and playing for maximum winrate are very different things”
- “Developer diaries” video series was not scrapped
- regarding the new motion physics – “it’s not that far away”
- some variants of the motion physics were scrapped because they were too realistic – “drifts, etc.”
- the developers did expect the “OMG leave it please!!!” reaction on the removal of the football mode
- Football mode returning? “Yea, and also the tank figure skating and battleship synchronized swimming” (SS: as in “no”)