Saturday, July 26, 2014


- Storm states that over the last year, the player credit gain from tier 8 premium tanks increased, since Wargaming (several times) improved the tier 8 premium tank money making ability
- map Stalingrad is currently in development
- Havok implementation will not bring effects such as camo net appearance on the tank, it will bring nice looking object destruction and dynamic equipment on tank (SS: as in fuel cans, tools etc.) that’s hanging, moving and can be ripped off by explosions
- developers will definitely continue to develop the 0.9.1 test “Hellcat” sounds
- nothing is known of the FV217 TD/SPG according to Cannoneer
- 9.3 will bring Hellcat nerf
- the reason why WG implemented FV215b instead of having Chieftain from the start was that when the British tree was introduced, the Chieftain was considered to be too modern. After that, they sent people to measure the armor (SS: in Bovington) and found out that it’s not actually as fearsome as it was thought before.
- Centurion Mk.10 can’t be British tier 10 – its armor upgrade is already in the tier 9 Centurion 7/1 (the “/1″ part specifically signifies the armor upgrade)
- Ruinberg on fire lighting ugly and reducing performance? “How terrible”
- top light tank economy (income vs repair cost) will not be buffed
- T49 will not be nerfed in 9.3