Tuesday, July 29, 2014

9.2 Shtys Minimalistic Gun Sight


9.2 Apple Load Wheel

9.2 Carousel Tank Icons By Yatomi


- there will be a “moderate amount” of rebalances (buffs and nerfs) in 9.3
- tier 10 Stronkholds will come in 9.3
- T18 will be nerfed
- 9.3 will bring a new map, “if we manage to finish it”
- Prokhorovka and Salient on Fire (new Prokhorovka) will both be in the map pool in 9.2, just like it is with Winter Himmelsdorf and Himmelsdorf
- apparently, developers are considering cooperation mode, several players versus PvE opponents (bots)
- there will be special maps for historical battles in the future
- historical battle rewards (medals) will also be reworked
- it is allegedly not true that RU sever is serving as a test lab for various game changes
- PvE element is considered for historical battles
- the new 9.2 feature “transparent leaves” (SS: not sure how it is officially in English) will definitely bring some sort of FPS increase (performance increase), the amount of increase is “individual for each computer”

9.2 SEA Server Blue Sight


9.2 Violet Sight By Farser


9.2 MiniAim Scope By Witaminchek


9.2 KruG Sniper And Arty Scope By Hobbit_007


9.2 Killerente94 Damage Panel

9.2 IMPERATOR77 Damage Panel

9.2 Zayaz Battle Interface


9.2 Rabbit Damage Panel

9.2 BioNick Sniper Scope


9.2 Bianko Damage Panel


9.2 Andre_V Sniper Scope


9.2 Neon Damage Panel


9.2 Andre_V Sniper scope


9.2 MeltyMap’sMathMod Green Sight By Kimbaris


9.2 Octagon Damage Indicator By Rocklander


9.2 WoTRC By Tratatank (free random camo mod)


9.2 Autoloader Ammo Count

9.2 Damage Indicator By qdly


9.2 poVitter Damage Indicator

9.2 Himicats Damage Indicator


9.2 Damage Indicator By Inkognito



9.2 Damage Indicator By Marsoff


9.2 Warface Scope


9.2 MeltyMap Armour Indicator

9.2 Base Circle Color Changer


9.2 Train Wagon Mod By MAS629

9.2 PiantBall Mod

9.2 No Intro Video

9.2 Locastan's Battle Timer & Gun Restraints


9.2 Bat Cave Hangar


9.2 Shtys Gun Constraints

9.2 Kirill Oreshkin Gun Sight


9.2 Shtys Minimalistic Gun Sight


9.2 Blue Sniper And Arty Scope By Frant


9.2 Blue light Scope by Dogma37, Akwotker, Shtys


9.2 Debug Panel By Maxim___77

9.2 Marsoff Z-MOD Damage Panel


9.2 White Dead Tanks & White Damaged Tracks

9.2 Zoom х2 х4 х8 х10 - х30

9.2 Jove Mod Pack v13.0 (English Version)

9.2 ProTanki Mod Pack (English Version)

9.2 Shadow Remover (No Binocular Shadow Mod)

9.2 Zoom Out Mod

9.2 Vspishka Minimalistic Gun Sight (English Version)


9.2 Hit Zones


9.2 Multi Turreted Carousel