Monday, August 25, 2014


- there are (vague, distant) plans to encourage and reward players for “tanking” (SS: soaking damage)
- the changes, that happened in 9.2 to FV215b (183) – specifically a nerf due to the overuse of gold shells – do not automatically imply that the gold shell system is not balanced and needs a fix
- your chance to be on the top of the team depends on the percentage (composition) of the tank tiers, present in the queue at that actual moment (SS: this is the reason why you can’t see tiers on the queue screen anymore, there was a mod that abused this, allowing you to have a significantly higher chance to end up as a top tank of the team)
- a new game mode (SS: mode as in HB, team battles, etc.) for solo players (not requiring a team) playing high tiers will come soon (SS: likely a “garage battle” mode)

9.2 Damage Effect

9.2 Sniper Scope