Thursday, August 28, 2014


- retraining of crew roles (SS: as in, radioman to driver for example) will be implemented
- current stage of the Stronghold mode is only the beginning, there will be many new things
- spotting range minimap circle, render range minimap designator and spots where the enemy was seen last time on minimap will not be implemented
- 9.3 will bring new comfortable garage interface
- T57 Heavy will be nerfed a bit
- apparently, if a bot plays better than a player would, Storm does not see the issue in having such a bot in battle
- the reason why HD JT will not come with HD JT88 is that there is a lot of work to do on the HD model even when “just a gun” is changed, such as testing and modelling
- hatches will not be changed to spaced armor (as some player proposes)
- on RU server, the whine about “too many corridor maps” started after a certain popular videomaker (Murazor) started whining about it (SS: I wonder if this happened the same way on EU…)