Friday, September 5, 2014

WW2 Photos Part 47 (tanks only)


- Storm states that it is principially possible to rework WoT (or any game) to a different engine (UE4 mentioned), but the issue is how much time would that take, not whether it’s possible. It’s not an option to simply stop developing the game for a year to do it.
- Evilly confirms that the “bonus for premium tanks” is legit
- tier 10 reward tanks (VK7201) will also get bonus XP and crew XP bonus
- these changes to the premium tanks are not final, apparently more bonuses will be announced on Russian Tanker’s Day (14.9.)
- confirmed: 9.3 test tomorrow
- in 9.3, M6A2E1 will be also buffed
- bonus experience gained by premium tanks will NOT count towards the account average experience, it will be treated as bonus XP for missions (SS: no average XP statpadding for you!)
- the buff to premium tanks was considered for a long time already
- no larget credit making bonus for premium tanks than they have now is planned
- the premium bonus XP will be added to Churchill III 1,35 coefficient
- the additional XP for premium vehicles will add up to the crew XP bonus for premiums as well
- the VK7201 and M60 will recieve 5 percent bonus to XP
- for now, there is no info available on the Italian autoloading Leopard
- Q: “I bought WG shares and they are useless!” A: “Don’t buy WG shares. It’s voluntary :)”

9.2 Dispersion Mod By lsdmax

Special thanks to Kalt for finding this.

Copy to \res_mods\0.9.2\scripts\client\mods\