Wednesday, September 24, 2014

9.3 HD Tank Model Problem

As you probably know WG has changed how you see HD tank models in 9.3. Until now, in battle you could see all other HD tank models (those that are made in HD). From patch 9.3 you will be able to see only your own tank in HD. Reason: the previous solution was eating too much resources.
If you have PC strong enough to handle all HD tanks there is a solution.

Download this file and copy (unpacked) to your game location. It essentially contains all HD skins that are available in the game and the game will see them now as custom tank skins and will display them all the time.


9.3 Jove Mod Pack (most famous RU youtube streamer - English version included)

9.3 ProTanki MultiPak (English Version)

9.3 Shtys Minimalistic Gun Sight


9.3 P-Mod

9.3 Max FarPlane Mod By Urban_fighter

9.3 Gun Direction Mod

9.3 Niurko Bridge Hangar

9.3 Base Hangar To Premium For Free

9.3 Hellinger Winter Hangar

9.3 Hellinger Desert Hangar

9.3 WoT Tweaker (International Version)

9.3 Kodos Damage Panel, Hit Log, Minimap

9.3 Zoom Out Mod

9.3 Dead White Tanks (and everything else)

9.3 SafeShot Mod

9.3 Fog Remover

Not to be mistaken with Max FarPlane Mod. This will remove fog, it will NOT affect FPS in a negative way. The only side effect is that the sky will get darker and maps a bit brighter.

9.3 Shots Decals

9.3 Total HP Per Team

9.3 15 Meter Circle

9.3 Autoloader Ammo Count By DIKEY93

9.3 MeltyMap's Armour Calculator

9.3 MeltyMap’s Math Mod


9.3 Kellerman Blue V4 By Soulza


9.3 Hit Log InGame Efficiency By PiJey77


9.3 Animated 2DZoom Sniper Scope By Terryzxc


9.3 WoWp Sniper Scope By Andre_V & xXxBIGROCKxXx


9.3 Sniper Scope With Armour Calculator


9.3 Deegie Sight


9.3 Sniper And Arty Scope By HellCatShi


9.3 Terminator Sniper Scope By Archimedus


9.3 Blue Sniper Scope


9.3 Andrey Tareev's Sniper Scope


9.3 White Sniper Scope By HanuJlbHuk_SerBa


9.3 Sniper Scope By Marsoff, Andre_V, Frant & 7serafim7


9.3 Chesssman Sniper Scope


9.3 Sniper Scope By Qwe111111


9.3 Sniper Scope By Spectr20


9.3 Sniper Scope By Demon2597


9.3 Sniper Scope By Jey_Black


9.3 Sniper Scope By Marsoff


9.3 Blue Sniper Scope By Arturick


9.3 Futuristic Sniper Scope By Vlad III


9.3 Animated Sniper Scope


9.3 SEA Server Sniper Scope


9.3 TAIPAN Sniper Scope By Dikey93


9.3 HARDscope By Andrey_Hard & KobkaG


9.3 Farser Violet Sniper Scope


9.3 Sniper Scope By Witaminchek


9.3 Sniper Scope KruG By Hobbit_007


9.3 Green MeltyMap By Kimbaris


9.3 Sniper Scope By Andre_V