Sunday, September 28, 2014

BOT Or Idiot Experiment (part 3)

Just idiots or just bad BOT's ?
Just idiots ?
Just bad BOT's ?
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9.3 Enemy Direction And Reload (fixed/tested by BrondoThirstMutilator)

YES, it's forbidden !!!

9.3 Gun Sight Size Mod

Not a magical mod, just it makes your sight smaller.

9.3 OTM Reload By Johnda

YES, it's forbidden!!!

9.3 Chameleon Mod

YES, it's forbidden!!!

9.3 ZorroJan HackPack

YES, it's full of forbidden mods !!!

T - sniper scope for arty
E - sniper scope block
Q - aimBOT
G - free camera
Y - arty scope for tanks and TD's

9.3 OTM Reload By LSDMAX

YES, it's forbidden !!!

9.3 Lasers By ProstoNoob

YES, its forbidden !!!

9.3 OTM Enemy Reload

YES, it's forbidden !!!

9.3 Arty Sight For Tanks, Sniper Scope For SPG's, Free Camera By Pical

Installation : Put scripts folder from the archive on this path: res_mods \ 0.XY \, where 0.XY - the current version number of the game.

Use: Sniper scope ACS included either the mouse wheel (in the absence of fashion NoScroll), or by pressing T (the default). Deactivated as a Shift'om. Art-sight on tanks and Tank Destroyers button switch Y (default). Deactivated as a Shift'om. Free camera turns into the fight of arcade sight or after "death." Also works in replays after clicking the left mouse button. The power button by default: G. Disable - as well.

Management: WSAD + mouse. Q, E (as well as the mouse wheel) - change in the height of the camera. Travel speed is adjusted using I and K. Also preset travel speed can be selected using the buttons 1, 2, ..., 9, 0 (on the main keyboard). X - on / off motion parallel to the ground. More information about the free camera control buttons located under File avatar_input_handler.xml. 

Setting: The setting is made in the file cammodcfg. Make changes to the file can be built-in Windows Notepad, AkelPad, Notepad ++. If the parameter is not NoFreeCamera is "0", free camera is not activated when you press the hotkey. 

9.3 Xft' DamagePanel + Integrated Hitlog v0.10

9.3 Received Damage Announcer v2.4 (thanks to Jeno)

9.3 OMC Mod Pack


9.3 Color Messages And Session Stats By Locastan

9.3 Kodos Mod Pack

9.3 Border Visibility Mod


- the loss of penetration depends on actual distance the shell travels in the game. If you are aiming at a vehicle 500 meters from you and another tanks drives in your line of fire less than 100 meters from you and you hit him, the shell will use the 100 meter penetration for the check.
- crew “memory” (keeping the training for the tanks the crew was trained for before) is not planned
- since 0.8.6 (its introduction), the accuracy mechanism was not changed
- Yurko2F on shell flight velocity: “The shell velocity is calculated along the trajectory line from the start to the impact point. Nothing is calculated in advance.”