Thursday, October 2, 2014

9.3 New Style Hack Pack By Molodoy (huge THANKS to xXx Geek for sending this)

YES, it's full of forbidden mods...


9.3 Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

The only fog remover that will NOT eat your FPS.
Huge THANKS to Maverickblue for making this mod and for regular updates.

9.3 Holden Dealer Team 05 Brock Skin for Chaffee Sport Skin By Yettiz

9.3 Skin M24 Chaffee (HD Quality) By Yettiz

9.3 Skin IS (HD Quality) By Yettiz

9.3 Red Star Colored Hit Zones

9.3 Red Star Contour Hit Zones

9.3 Skin LTTB

9.3 Skin ISU-152

9.3 Skin Jagdpanther

9.3 Skin T-34

9.3 Skin KV-85

9.3 Skin KV-1S

9.3 Skin Maus

9.3 Skin Maus

9.3 DAR Artillery Sight From MeltyMap


- Q: “In a really nice hangar, you should see all the tanks you have in your garage!” A (Storm): “Yea. And you’ll have a 10 minute loading time for a hangar with 300 tanks.”
- Havok is apparently not that far away
- Havok will apparently now work on “weak computers”