Monday, October 6, 2014

How We Would Like Hack Pack's To Work

9.3 Something Was Hit By Yzangard

YES, it's forbidden...

Enemy just disappeared and you want to know did you hit him.

9.3 DirectionBox By LSDMAX

YES, it's forbidden...

The good part: the enemy indicator is RED when the enemy tank is in direct view. The indicator is GREEN if the enemy tank is NOT in direct view (behind an obstacle).

9.3 SpawnPoint Mod By drhideg

Not sure, but consider it forbidden...

During map loading this will show you your spawn point on the map.

9.3 A_N_T_I_S_E_R_B V-6 Hack Pack By MAKSIM_US

9.3 Nooben Hit Zones

9.3 History Tank Crew Icons By Relvin


9.3 Female USA Tank Crew Icons

9.3 South Coast Hangar

9.3 Load Wheel


- most players of World of Tanks are between 28 and 35 years old
- 95 percent of game time spent in World of Tanks by players is spent in random battles
- from the start, more than 150 thousand clans registered in WoT on RU server alone (it’s more than 200k overall)
- on RU server, cca 32 percent of players are in clan
- Stronghold mode was introduced for that 32 percent (easy to understand mode not for hardcore)
- currently, developers are working on improved clan UI
- the option of attacking other strongholds will come in October
- developers are planning to introduce mercenaries from “allied clans” in stronghold mode (not only clanless players)