Tuesday, October 7, 2014

9.3 ProTanki Mod Pack (English version included)

9.3 In Ears HP

This mod is affecting FPS in a very bad way.

9.3 Arty Minimap

9.3 Ingame Player Rating From Wargaming API With No XVM

9.3 ZX Lite Sniper Scope By Marsoff

World of Tanks Cheating – Aimbot

Just follow the link pls, great article by SilentStalker once more.


- Storm confirms that the Sixth Sense rework (its transfer to the radioman, activated when radioman training hits 100 percent) will happen in medium future (SS: that usually means cca 6 months)
- developers considered removing Sixth Sense completely, but decided not to do it, because it would break current gameplay too much
- there are no specific statistics of the lifetime effect of Sixth Sense perk, as it was introduced very long time ago