Friday, October 10, 2014

9.3 Penetration Indicator By lportii

This will show you how much more penetration do You have at the aim point.

Unpack and copy to res_mods\0.9.3\scripts\client\mods

9.3 Neon Icons By Don_Pehot_Povelitel_Rot

9.3 Miku Hangar By TaLLIePO


- shells for one gun can be of different design based on the year they were introduced in (SS: SerB, justifying why APCR shells for certain guns are much more expensive than the regular shells, I think he just misunderstood the question)
- new perks will arrive at the same time the old perks are reworked
- the T28 Concept does not mean the Scorpion will not arrive
- Havok will be used in the beginning only to render the destruction of buildings and objects. After that will come the realistic destruction of tank equipment (boxes etc.), but not soon.
- realistic track behavior and new movement physics is not related in any way to Havok
- IS-3 in HD will not come in 9.4
- apparently, the QA answer about last elements of Bigworld being removed from World of Tanks soon was false according to Storm
- M6A2E1 will not be reworked to HD this year