Thursday, October 16, 2014

BOT Or Idiot Experiment (part 6)

Just idiots or just bad BOT's ?
Just idiots ?
Just bad BOT's ?
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9.3 AIM Hack Pack

YES, it's full of forbidden mods...

Whats in the hack pack:

- Lasers
- Enemy contours
- Destroyed objects on the minimap
- Enemy reload on the minimap
- Tracer start position
- Gun direction on the minimap
- Redball
- Enemy indicator beyond visibility range
- Tundra
- Safe Shot
- Tracers
- AIMBot

9.3 Zayaz Battle Interface


9.3 Smiper And Arty Scope By Zayaz, MR_TEZ


9.3 Remodeling M4A3E8 Sherman Fury


- in the new patch of WoWp, there is an option to select the hangar you want. It’s unclear whether this will come to WoT as well
- the accuracy (hit) distribution (within aim circle) “won’t be possible to be called normal from mathematical point of view, the chance for a hit to the edges of the circle will be extremely small”, the distribution will apparently be reworked
- Storm states that when it comes to mobility, the Fury is similiar to the current M4A3E8 due to improved terrain resistance