Sunday, October 19, 2014

BOT Or Idiot Experiment (part 7) (hude THANKS to Dreamer_deceiver for hunting down some of the "people" here)

Just idiots or just bad BOT's ?
Just idiots ?
Just bad BOT's ?
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9.4 Model Changes (.gif)



- Stalingrad will come “soon”, it will be in the next test round (9.4 test 2)
- apparently, the IS-7 gun model is still SD (developers didn’t manage to get a proper model for 9.4)
- developers are currently collecting statistics in order to implement the XP for tanking
- Storm is aware of the bug on 9.4, where shells fly through tanks, he will investigate
- the feedback on the new gun sounds is “contradictory”, according to Storm – half of players really likes it, half hates it
- the fact that some tanks were paper only or prototypes does not mean they will automatically be reworked to HD after existing vehicles