Wednesday, October 22, 2014



WW2 Photos Part 50 (tanks only)

9.4 Sound Stolen By WG ?!?

Valentine Tank Pulled From A Swamp In Poland

9.3 Map Load Screen

9.3 In Game Efficiency Calculator By PiJey77

9.3 History Crew Icons


- War Thunder sounds being better than WoT 9.4 sounds? Storm: “There’s no ‘impact’, ‘density’ or ‘bass’ in their sounds.”
- for now, there is no ETA for “XP for tanking” (SS: keep in mind that it takes an entire patch cycle just to collect proper data, so it’s possible that it won’t appear in 9.5 either)
- Storm states that the new sounds will not come for everyone, but as a downloadable mod pack, the way ultra HD textures were in 9.3, this mod will come in 9.4
- it is confirmed that no other server than ASIA will get a Type 59 on sale (thanks to Not_Me for this info), EU will apparently get some other exclusive tank on sale in December