Thursday, October 30, 2014

Havok In WoT


- in 9.5, Sherman Firefly will be researchable from Sherman III and Sherman III from Grant (SS: the connection between new/old branches will be Valentine to Archer)
- it’s possible Churchill Gun Carrier will lose the 32pdr gun and will drop to tier 5
- Q: “Back in the day, it was possible to always find a strategy 1vs1″ A: “In +/-3 MM as well?”
- in 9.5, Challenger and Avenger will be mixed into one vehicle. It’s possible those vehicles will exist as separate hulls, when alternative hulls are implemented.
- FV4004 Conway has “frontal armor roughly like a Centurion”, only the FV4005 has paper armor

9.3 Anime Skin Pack

Lorraine 40t, T26E4 SuperPershing, AMX 50 100, T57 Heavy Tank, FCM 50t, T30