Friday, November 7, 2014

9.4 WoT Tweaker Plus

9.4 Blue Light Sniper Scope By Shtys, Akwotker

9.4 Chameleon Snipe Scope By Shtys, Bianko

9.4 Marsoff Sniper Scope

9.4 Blue Gun Sight By Marsoff, Andre_V

9.4 2DZoom Gun Sight By Terryzxc

9.4 Sniper & Arty Scope By DIKEY93

9.4 Compas Sniper Scope By 7serafim7 (adapted to 9.4 by Andrey_Tareev )

9.4 Simple White Sniper Scope (My favorite) By HanuJlbHuk_SerBa

9.4 Sniper Scope By Andre_V

9.4 Kellerman3746 Sniper Scope

9.4 Kodos Gun Sight

9.4 Andre_V Sniper Scope

9.4 RazanRock Sniper Scope

9.4 Hybrid Gun Sight By Mjolnir'S, Jimbos, Soulza, Andre_V, Frant

9.4 Advanced Aiming System (request by trolltroll)


9.4 AntiNOOB Hack Pack By Dominik

YES, SerB will not like you because of this one...

9.4 Sky Mod (all maps get the same sky)



9.4 MaSyAnYa-PacK_0.7.7_#1_Аm_bi_Beck

YES, SerB will not love because of this one...

U - tank coloring
Y - arty sight for regular tanks
Numpad 1 - X-ray
Numpad 0 - Destructible objects
Numpad 3 - Destroyed objects
Numpad 5 - Free camera mod
F3 - Fast equipment loading (auto equip)
Hold left ALT - Shadow mod (Chameleon)

9.4 DarkTeam Tundra

YES, it's forbidden...

CTRL+F1 - Full tundra
CTRL+F2 - Sniper tundra
CTRL+F3 - Foliage removal
CTRL+F4 - Trunks removal
CTRL+F5 - Branches removal
CTRL+F6 - Bushes removal

CTRL+F7 - Remove sky (black sky)
CTRL+F8 - Remove wind (trees and bushes do not "move") 

9.4 Head Lights Mod

9.4 Smooth 30x 10-level Scope Zoom

9.4 J1mB0 Sight