Thursday, November 13, 2014



9.4 Evdok9 Hack Pack

YES, it's full of forbidden stuff...

9.4 Chameleon

YES, it's forbidden...

9.4 Zaraza Mod

YES; it's forbidden...

9.4 Something Was Hit Mod

YES, it's forbidden...

So the text "Попадание" was changed to "He got it !!!", you canchange it to anything you want just edit the Jihemme_SWH.xml.

9.4 Red Pole Hack

YES, it's forbidden...

This will add a red pole on the location of a tank that disappeared.

9.4 AutoAim By LSDMAX

YES, it's forbidden...


- new motion physics will definitely not come this year
- Q: “When will the M53/M55 armor bug be fixed? 0.9.8?” A (Storm): “1.0.0″ (SS: yes, that’s trolling)
- Storm likes the Staligrad map
- apparently, there is also a bug, where the reload timer is not working correctly (either with or without mods) on some tanks, the T54E1 in particular. Storm knows about it now.
- Q: “Do you suck dick and like it in the ass?” A (SerB): “Yes, I prefer blacks.” (SS: funny, but I am not quite sure if this is how professionals should reply)

9.4 6th Sense Icons

9.4 Wide Map Border By Aviva24

9.4 Smart Arty Minimap By Dakasik

9.4 Autoloader Ammo Counter

9.4 Kowtik Cheat Pack

WG will NOT love you if you use this...

How to install:

1. In the downloaded folder there is a multipack.exe file, it's the ProTanki Mod pack. Install it by choosing legal mods that you use every day.
2. Add fonts
3. Add rest of the "legal" mods from the downloaded folder.

9.4 MeltyMap's MathMod


9.4 Zayaz Sniper Scope


9.4 Zayaz Battle Inteface