Saturday, November 15, 2014

SerB Explaining New Game Mods

WW2 Photos Part 51 (tanks only)

9.4 AutoTarget_XYZ

YES, it's forbidden...

Use the numpad keys to cycle autoaim points...

9.4 Modification Destructible (Build 0029.3)

YES, it's forbidden...

9.4 Gun Marker Size

9.4 The Imperium Of Man Hangar By DoRoDo

9.4 Tank Carousel Filter

9.4 In Ears HP Bar



- SU-76i was removed because it was too strong (gun, viewrange)
- the main reason to use CW reward tanks in battles is the fact they are unique, that’s why it’s alright they are a bit weaker than regular tier 10′s
- the damage difference between AP and HE shells is purely a balance decision
- buff of old LT’s to match them to the new 9.3 ones? “If necessery of course.”
- night battles in WoT? “WoT players have a very poor understanding of what a night battle is”
- apparently, there’s yet another nasty bug in 9.4 – in it, players with premium account are awarded the same amount of XP as with regular account, or actually LESS (visible on thisscreenshot, lower right corner). Storm: “Oh fuck…”