Sunday, November 23, 2014

Maus 107 km/h

9.4 Direction Box

YES, its forbidden...

Taken from LSDMAX, cleaned, no server lag...

9.4 Received Damage Announcer

9.4 Defoliator

YES, it's forbidden...


- Storm states that the new ramming mechanism was introduced in 9.4, because “the old one was very badly bugged”
- Storm confirms that the mission to get the Object 260 will be multi-stage and it will be very difficult to get it
- a lot of players (even on EU server) reported a garage bug, where the camera suddenly zooms out very far, Storm states he knows about it, it will be fixed
- Soviet tier 8 premium medium T-54 Model 1945 will come next year
- Havok: “when it’s done it’s done”
- it will be possible to get all three IM reward tanks (Object 260, T55A and T28 Concept) on your account

9.4 Simple Damage Panel

9.4 Load And Result Screen