Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alpinist Maus (or, how to get to crazy locations)


9.4 Four's FPS And Performance ModPack (5.3+)

Full version:

9.4 GTO's Penetration Marker


This will display a cross every time you penetrate someone. 

E-25 Mortal Kombat


- Maus in the game has the armor it had in real life (WG measured the real vehicle)
- apparently, IS-7 armor is historical (SS: some players claim otherwise, Storm disagrees)
- Storm states that the mod that displays what type of shell penetrated you and by whom will be dealt with by reducing the amount of data about the shot, that reaches the client
- yesterday, Storm stated that the new Bigworld version is the reason for the delay of render range being reworked to a circle. Now he adds that the new motion physics were reworked for the same reason – the first thing WG wants to do is to integrate new BW and after that comes everything else. Otherwise they’d be buried under an avalanche of bugs.
- developers are working on Havok, but Storm states that unfortunately, Havok is delayed by the performance drops it causes. They are working on it.