Friday, November 28, 2014

AimBots By G

We all know him from the comment section.

Some of us got badly outplayed by him in WoT.

Known here at PKWOT as just "G".

The unicum view on how things work in WoT.

WW2 Photos Part 52 (tanks only)

9.4 X-Ray (100th version)

YES, it's forbidden...

On/Off - Numpad 1

9.4 AutoAim By fkzcrf (generation 4.1 aimbot)

YES, it's forbidden...


- viewrange indicator will be added to the minimap, but not complete viewrange circle, it would only confuse newbies and noobs by sheer minimap overload
- render range won’t be added to minimap either
- ISU-130 will be a special tank for moderators
- Storm confirms that the leaked supertest tank list is not complete (light tanks are missing)
- viewrange nerf will come “much later” than 9.5: “noone promised it for 9.5, we are only experimenting”