Tuesday, December 2, 2014

9.4 Maggz 3 Prong Sight


- no ETA on HD IS-3
- it’s decided that Panther 88 will not have limited MM
- Storm states that the statement that Panther 88 will see tier 10′s in 2/3 of its battles is false
- Panther 88 will be a premium German tank (not an event one)
- apparently, the Panther 88 MM spread was not a balancing department decision (SS: I wonder whose then)
- Storm on the future of WoT: “We also want progress. We are trying. Maybe it’s worse than it has to be, but we are trying.”
- Storm cannot say (is not allowed to) which nations will get their own branches in 2015, but it will be two EU branches (SS: Czech and Italian or Swedish IIRC) and one non-EU branch