Monday, December 22, 2014

9.5 OMC Mod Pack

9.5 WoT Tweaker V2.5 Multilingual

9.5 XVM Updater 2.8

9.5 Battle Assistant (arty camera modification)

9.5 Advanced Aiming System

9.5 ITEM - IF_THEN_ELSE Mod Pack (Chameleon)

YES'it's forbidden...

9.5 OTM Reload By lportii

YES, it's forbidden...

9.5 Tundra + Enemy Contours Script

YES, its forbidden...

Works only in sniper mod.

9.5 Tundra

YES, it's forbidden...

All settings are in the t20140124.xml file.

9.5 Tundra By Makct

Yes, it's forbidden...

Place the downloaded file into the main game folder, rename worldoftanks.exe (into what ever you want), use the downloaded file to start the game. 

9.5 Tundra .exe

YES, it's forbidden...

Start the game, then start the .exe file.

9.5 KT eXTended Zoom Mod

Whats inside:

Commanders camera
x60 zoom with 20 positions
Zoom indicator
NoScroll (default OFF)
Battle Assistant
No binoculars
No lens effect
Post mortem zoom
Advanced aiming system


9.5 Penetration Calculator By lportii

9.5 Deegie Gun Sight Updated By gkarageorgos

9.5 Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

NOT to be mistaken with max farplane mod. This will NOT effect your FPS in any negative way.

9.5 Autoloader Clip Ammo

9.5 Paintball Mod

9.5 Sniper Mod For Arty

YES, it's forbidden...

9.5 Direction Box By LSDMAX

IMPORTANT: this mod is forbidden on some servers, check before use...

9.5 White Tracks

9.5 White Dead Tanks

IMPORTANT: This mod is forbidden on some servers, check before use...

9.5 Armagomen Marks Of Excellence

9.5 MeltyMap Armour Calculator

9.5 Info Panel

9.5 Gun Constraints By Shtys

9.5 Dakasik Arty Minimap

9.5 qdly Damage Indicator

9.5 poVitter Damage Indicator

9.5 Himicats Damage Indicator

9.5 Broken Glass Damage Indicator

9.5 Damage Indicator By Marsoff

9.5 Railroad Cars Skins

9.5 Airport Hangar

9.5 WG Hangar

9.5 Airport Hangar (China)

9.5 Niurko River Hangar

9.5 Z - Mod By Marsoff

9.5 Andre_V Sniper Scope