Thursday, December 25, 2014

9.5 All Your Tanks In The Hangar Mod By Spoter

HUGE THANKS to Spoter and Soulza from Roughnecks Mods for this great mod.

1. Download this: LINK, copy it to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.5\scripts\client\gui\    This will give you a premium garage with no premium account.
2, Download the actual hangar mod from the download link below, unpack and copy it to the main game folder. (IMPORTANT: do not unpack any of the files inside the hangar mod)

9.5 Team HP Poolbar By Atmaxx

9.5 Soulza's Mod Pack V.2

YES, it's forbidden...

9.5 Roughneck Mega Pack V.3

GIRLS und PANZER 2015 Calendar

Merry Christmas Fellow Tankers

9.5 [ZJ] Marker Re-Load

YES, it's forbidden...

9.5 Gun Sight By J1mB0, marsoff, dab97, demon2597

9.5 Spectr20 Gun Sight

9.5 RVT ReConnaisance Vertical Tech Tree

9.5 Rabbit Damage Panel By 7serafim7, Dellux, Coldrabbit