Saturday, December 27, 2014

9.5 ZARAZA AimBOT (updated Diablo edition V.2)

YES, it's forbidden...

9.5 KABAN Hack Pack

YES, it's full of forbidden stuff...

9.5 Same Sky On Every Map


 After (using lighter pack):

After (using darker pack):

(darker pack is not yet updated)

9.5 Tweaked engine_config.xml To Fix Micro-Freezes

The aim of this tweak is to eradicate the battle micro freezes caused by textures/sounds/effects/etc on the fly load. With this tweak everything will be preloaded during the battle loading stage.

This will increase your battle loading times, RAM and GPU RAM usage. Hint: defrag the partition where WoT is installed to optimize loading times.

How to install:
Unpack the rar file into your WoT folder overwriting the existing file.

How to uninstall:
Delete res\engine_config.xml and rename res\original_engine_config.xml to res\engine_config.xml.

9.5 Compressed Textures


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- a shell always counts as a “point” – some player insists that when touching the ground, a shell turns into an “object” because it “touches” the ground, but this is not true (SS: there is one situation where it’s completely possible to fire and have the shell explode on the ground instead – when you have low terrain settings, some pieces of terrain are simply not displayed, which leads to strange shell explosions. Developers suggest not using lowest terrain settings unless absolutely necessery)
- module weight is a balance parameter (SS: here, the dev completely avoided or misunderstood the question, so – just letting you know, no point in dwelling on why engine X weighs half as much as engine Y or something)
- developers are still experimenting with tank viewrange nerf
- in 9.6, old light tanks will very likely be rebalanced (buffed), specifically their firepower apparently (SS: it’s not clear, but I think they mean accuracy on the move)
- Blitz replays will be incompatible with PC version (SS: duhhh… yes, people ask such stuff)