Friday, January 30, 2015

9.5 Dark Team Tundra v0.9


9.5 Shell Panel


9.6 Korean Hangar


9.6 “Last Year’s Snow” Hangar


9.6 Chinese Hangar


9.5 Winter Mod V1.02 (torrent download)


9.6 Tank Icons By Korolins


Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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- Storm confirms: artillery will have exactly the same shell distribution as other the vehicles, the 9.6 nerf concerns arty too
- Storm is not aware of a plan to remove IS-6 from the shops
- in 9.6, HD Ferdinand has an incorrect track movement (it behaves like if the drive sprocket was in the front and not in the rear), it will be fixed
- there is a “legend” going on around RU forums about the IS-3 frontal armor breaking up in welds after being shot at. Storm states that this happened only once during the testing, after which the design of the frontal nose part was reworked for this never to happen again.
- it was proposed internally within WG to add Oddball’s Sherman from the movie Kelly’s Heroes.

Monday, January 26, 2015

9.5 [ZJ] AimBot - Shaytan Build 012 Beta By ZorroJan


- dynamic aim change depending on target distance
- x-ray function when following target
- continuous dynamic aiming even if the target is lost from spotting
- auto-aim function can be set to any point on the tank and it will continue to aim there during movement


9.5 / 9.6 Modification Destructible (Build 30.0003) By ProstoNoob


9.5 KABAN Hack Pack (updated 19.01.15)

YES, it's full of forbidden stuff...

9.6 Test Server Battle Assistant

Sunday, January 25, 2015

9.5 Historical Tank Crews


9.5 Korean Random Hit Zones


9.5 Interface Color Change


9.5 Extended Filters Pack By STL1te


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- oddly enough, the E-100 inside of the gun barrel model (the rifling) is only like 20cm long, while IS-7 rifling model runs through the entire barrel. Storm states it’s just a little thing, so who cares.
- the size of the HD E-100 changed as such: it became 1cm longer, 1cm wider and 3cm taller
- the color of the HD E-100 is correct (same as of other HD German tanks), will not be changed
- differences in model sizes from original specs of 1 percent or less are considered acceptable
- E-100 mantlet in HD was remodelled to correspond the one in Panzer Tracts
- HD E-100 “bar” on the top of the turret (rangefinder optics) will be made lower (the same as it was)
- HD E-100 upper front plate angle is actually better than it should be (63 degrees compared to 60 degrees in reality), it will not be nerfed to historical specs
- E-100 will not get a (historical) Maus turret

Friday, January 23, 2015

Thursday, January 22, 2015

9.6 View Range Nerf

YES, we can all have a nice rage session in the comments section...

9.5 SAE AutoAIM

9.5 XYC Cheat Pack

9.5 Tank XP & Individual Missions Hangar Mod By Spoter

9.5 Simplest Hit Log (no XVM needed)

9.5 Fatality Gun Sight By Luxz

9.5 FXAA + Sharping


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- there will be no possibility to remove maps you don’t want to play from your map pool

- in upcoming several patches, there will not be a new heavily armored heavy tank branch introduced in the game
- supertesters are players with various winrates, so that the supertest resembles the random battles better
- currently, WG is investigating the issue of map repeating frequence (“I keep getting the same map over and over”) (SS: yes please, fucking Erleberg in 7 of 18 battles….)
- M48 Patton will be buffed (“when it’s done it’s done”)
- currently, Wargaming is working on “Matchmaker 3.0″. In it, every tank will have a “role” and vehicles will be balanced depending on it.
- WG is currently working on a “league” system for team battles (weak teams will be in second league, strong teams in first). It will appear in one of the upcoming patches.
- XP bonus for “tanking” will come soon
- alternative hulls: “when it’s done it’s done”
- KV-5 will not be buffed
- next version of minimap will bring the option to ping the maps so that only your platoon mates see your ping

Monday, January 19, 2015

9.5 Cheat Pack For Skilled by SpongeDoc (17.01.15 version)

YES, it's forbidden...

1. OTM Reload
2. Direction Box
3. Destroyed objects on the minimap
4. Shadow (20 seconds delay)
5. X- Ray with extended config by ZorroJan
6. Something was hit with sound effect
7. Lasers (2 types)
8. Tracers
9. Removed objects on the map (objects that can be penetrated with AP shels)
10. Red Ball
11. Red Poll (with added function of working beyond view range)
12. Advanced Aiming System
13. AimBOT By fkzcrf & SEA
14. Scripted fire extinguisher
15. Track repair on SPACE, autorepair and autoheal on NUMPAD+
16. Critical hit sound
17. Autoequip
18AutoAIM with point switch (switch between points on the enemy tank NUMPAD0)
19. Post mortem switch on the minimap
20. Sniper for arty (Y) arty scope for regular tanks (U) free camera (P)
21. Tundra (config by SD) + black sky (optional)
22. Jove Mod Pack
23. ProTanki mod pack

The mod packs are added so you can add the rest of the mods over them and create your own cheat mod pack with the things that only you need.

9.5 Individual Missions Auto Loader By Spoter

This will automatically load the next IM. No more clicking and searching...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

9.5 WG Individual Mission's Female Crew Mod (huge thanks to Jackie for sending this)

9.5 P - Mod 0.9.5 V.13 Updated: 16.01.2015

9.5 Korean Random Hit Zones


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- Russian support service confirms that HT15 mission is bugged (one of the elements of the equation apparently does not count)
- Storm confirms that the AMX-50B in HD doesn’t have the green weakzones on frontal plate (the armor models that were leaked earlier were incorrect)
- HT11 mission is also bugged – it will not complete even if your tracks are damaged, it will be fixed
- the same bug as above applies for other missions as well, such as TD2
- MT12 description is incorrect, in it you personally have to kill 3 vehicles, not the entire platoon
- new premium tanks will be implemented “in near future”

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