Tuesday, January 6, 2015


- Japanese TDs are to be expected sooner than Chinese due to the latter ones being mostly Soviet clones (and WG doesn’t want more clones in the game), neither will come in 2015
- T-35 and Char 2C might appear, but in 2 years perspective
- we can expect a certain polish tank (TKS or 7TP) as a gift tank
- In Havok, if artillery uses AP round, it is possible to penetrate the wall and the tank behind the building, with a penetration loss
- In Havok, different round types (AP, HE) will have a different effect on the building. For example, it will be possible to destroy a wall and hide behind the rubble
- Type 59 might come back in a mission in 2-3 years, but the mission requirements would be hardcore.
- there was a bigger Ensk map, but big maps are huge problem for devs, because some tanks will be useless there eg Maus or TOG II
- On EU servers WG is not going to publish list of prohibited mods, so you can use them and not be banned. WG leave decision of using them or not using them to your conscience

- WG hasn’t got plans for LT on tiers 9 and 10
- Havok will appear in 2015, will work on a separate core

Answers from WG developers regarding the Stronkhold mode from “Let’s Battle” magazine (RU edition), thanks go to FTA VK community for transcript:
- there will be six Stronkhold mode consumables, divided into three groups: artillery and bomber raid, smokescreen and recon plane, minefields and bunkers
- artillery consumable starts firing 5-7 seconds after target designation with standard HE shells and using standard trajectories
- bomber air raid arrives after 20-30 seconds, the bombs count as HEAT shells with very high damage and penetration, falling directly from above
- smokescreen consumable completely obscures vision in an area (including spotting). The area size increases with the level of the consumable. It will work for 2-3 minutes and it will be usable 2-3 times per battle
- recon plane is a plane circling high above and scouting enemy tanks. It cannot be shot down and it sees everything.
- minefields will be invisible for enemies, your team will see them on minimap. With the increased minefield level comes increased amount of mines distributed.
- bunkers are basically tank turrets (ranging from KV-2 to E-100) on concrete pedestals. They shoot only HE shots but have a LOT of hitpoints and good viewrange. They can also track targets (shoot in front of it to compensate for its movement).
- last two (bunkers and minefields) are used by the team commander only within the 30 second countdown
- the others can be used by commander in battle, or – if commander dies – the next member of the team, that assumes the top team slot (first in the team list)
- you can select only one consumable from each group (SS: as in, either minefield or bunkers for example)
- consumables will be implemented in groups, first will be the artillery and the air raid
- there are plans to connect strongholds and clanwars
- after reaching a certain level of development, a clan will get the opportunity to buy various bonuses for credits, including unique tanks
- WG wants to allow the use of all the bonuses at the same time (XP, credit gain bonus etc.)
- Q: “Why don’t you add tanks that are not normall available for purchase like Type 59 to the test server?” A: “These tanks are not required to test. Test is not opened for you to have fun, but for serious work – testing.”
- Chinese server is kept separate from other servers, condition that apply there are unique (SS: and as such, some features from there won’t come to EU/US/RU and there’s no point in asking for them)
- confirmed: Naydin medal is bugged (SS: some players that should have gotten it did not), developers are working on a fix now
- crews from special tanks will be moved to barracks, if barracks are full, you won’t get any free crew slots, rather the crews will be saved in a “buffer” and moved to barracks whenever free slots become available
- crews will be retrained to T110E5, Foch 155 or LTTB (from HT, TD and LT special tanks)
- you can retrain your existing crews to the special tanks (US, Soviet and French crews). If you do that, after the event is over, the crews will be retrained for free to T110E5, Foch 155 or LTTB.
- special vehicles don’t act as premiums, you can’t use other vehicles’ crews in them
- regular XP will be transferred to Cunningham, MS-1 and FT-17
- Currently, there is no plans to change any premium tanks
- The process of migrating the game to another engine (having in mind upcoming competition such as AW) is very unlikely because there is no certainty that it will be successful. BigWorld engine will be optimized constantly.
- It is debatable that a mod is a cheat if you can’t use the amount of information the mod gives you (e.g. if you don’t look at the minimap, you won’t use extended information on it)
- No plans to nerf IS-3, it’s a decent tank but it’s not OP.
- Enemy team HP bars and infinite zoom are considered cheats, especially in a situation when you zoom out and look over corner to see if the tank is looking at you.
- Global map is going to be expanded only if there are more clans participating
- WG cannot do anything in a situation when Clan Leader steals all gold from clan’s treasury, it is a matter of clan members who do they trust as a CL and they “can’t involve themselves”

- damage control about Panther 88 – basically when asked about morality of the marketing move with Panther 88, he refuted (derailed) it saying they could have done nothing about refunding it so players should be happy there is a refund … pretty much sounded like an answer taken straight from “SerB’s Guide to Answering Inconvenient Questions”
- ”WoT became less p2w than it was in the past”
- historical battles will return but changed form, no info about new scenarios, possibility of individual missions for historical battles
- Char 2C is in the same situation Firefly was … so stuck in the hold until someone decides what to do with it
- the most probable new tech tree to appear in the game is European tree (he was quite sure about it)
- the most probable new branch is for the French tree (he wasn’t so sure about it) (SS: but I am)
- big maybe on weather effects and different times of the day (even though it was in their Havok presentation)
- damage control about AW (he actually compared WoT to WoW and AW to “WoW killers”)
- WoWs MAYBE “next year” (SS: 2015)
- no news about alternative hulls or any changes to E50
- there is a chance for a Polish gift tank (no details)
- no chances for possibility to buy a premium tank for 24h to test it, you can test it on test servers, but if tank is not there … tough shit kid. More damage control about Panther 88 – “we wanted to surprise players that’s why it wasn’t on the test server”
- when asked about nerf of TDs he said about planned view range nerf … but he said that nerf is planned only for TDs and some Heavy Tanks. Also for 100% it wont happen in next patch.
- no info about any mission to get Type59. But he said it’s rather not probable
-again about arty nerf not being planned at the moment – they have been nerfed enough, less players play them now, nerfing them would cause TDs plague
-there is a possibility we will see T35 and SMK tanks in WoT (I have no idea where did that “in 2 years perspective” translation came from other than it might have been bad literal translation, if you aren’t talking about for example “pair of shoes” or other items that go in 2s by default, “pair” in Polish means few, so it may be 2 or 5 or 7)
-final individual missions will be similar to the ones on test server but with some changes, the general idea will be the same
-Fatton buff in future is very probable
-there are planned bigger maps as well as more specialized maps (only for low tiers, Team Battles etc.)
-it means both that maps currently in game like Ensk could be increased in size and new maps bigger than 1000×1000(m) will appear, but it will come along with Havok and “other” changes
-long part about some shady mods, which was mostly a personal opinion, but in parts about WG stance he says – WG is observing what is going on in game and their politics stays the same – if they don’t say something is not allowed, then it’s ok to use, but if they decide in future to change it, they will
-dude agrees that all the racism and extreme insults (concentration camps, cancer, death wishes) in chat should be treated more seriously and penalties should be much more severe but it’s not up to him
-question about why WG is so passive about people that steal clan’s gold, leave the clan and go completely unpunished when reported to WG – he answers that he agrees that shouldn’t be like that but WG decided they don’t have a reliable way to confirm the accusations in those cases
-no plans to buff or nerf premium tanks atm
-with Havok it will be possible to shoot through buildings
-it’s hard to say if it will be possible to shoot through buildings with high-caliber arty AP shells
-he confirms PvE Ensk mode
-increasing players number per clan probably wont happen
-that what’s-its-name-arty-cheat-view mod is legal
-report system works and there were a lot of people banned for botting on EU
-multiple turrets will come but it doesn’t have a high priority – soon TM
-no planned buffs for Japanese tanks tiers 1-7
-no planned credits earning buff for premium tanks
-”Why there’s no list of banned mods on EU?” – “Because it was decided that way”
-no need for new EU servers
-no info about any new types of ammo in the game
-8-bit mode will last more than a week
-no light tanks of tiers 9 and 10
-Japanese and Chinese TD question – he actually says there is a chance to see Japanese TDs “next year” and that Chinese TD line is problematic cause they started working on them when those kind of tanks became obsolete, so they would be mostly clones of Soviet tanks to fill the branch(I don’t know how is that different from current Chinese lines in the game but OK)
-if there are more Clan players then there will be more detailed or multiple (parallel) Campaign maps
-there is still no final decision about what will happen with FV4202 – as in giving it to players that already have it, getting it as a reward for a mission, simply replacing it with new tier 10 tank but not giving premium FV4202 to players for free or something else
-multicore support will come with Havok


  1. WG hasn’t got plans for LT on tiers 9 and 10
    then now tell me what a fucking gamekilling absurd op batchat is?
    wg you lie to yourself!
    fucking subhumantrash!

    1. You must be from the "master race"...

  2. I won't give up Hope for a Buff for the 112 ;)

  3. jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjaajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajajaja On EU servers WG is not going to publish list of prohibited mods, so you can use them and not be banned. WG leave decision of using them or not using them to your conscience

    1. And we have been crying how WoT got bad lately, we haven't seen shit yet...

  4. 112 buff? lol
    same crap like the T-34-3.
    Its now 1,0001% better after the verry small buff,but still under crap.
    both hopeless with this -3,007° gun depression :D
    is6 makes fun when you have some rookies as enemys or bots.

  5. Otišla je igra u tri pi**e lepe materine, a izgleda da ćemo tek videti sr**a....
    Tebi svaka čast na blogu, skoro ga nisam pratio i srećni praznici....

    1. Znači WG kao da pokušava sebe namerno da pohebe. Mogli su da naprave toliko pametnih stvari ali NE, debilizam za debilizmom. Uništiše fenomenalnu igru.

      Hvala brate, sve najbolje.

      PS ako ništa Armored Warfare samo sto nije krenuo, imaćemo šta da grindamo ponovo...

  6. Shall we play another game ??