Wednesday, January 7, 2015


- Evilly confirms that the Winter mode had too much XP and crew XP gain unintentionally, it was fixed
- for players that are annoyed by the presence of “fun mode” tanks in their hangar, WG will make a filter so you don’t see them if you don’t want to

And from stream with Evilly, Inaki and other WG staff on RU server:
- Evilly invented the Russian names for winter mode tanks
- these names between RU and EU are different
- the winter mode is the first “fun” mode that can be played constantly (SS: as in, players having fun even after longer time)
- at first, devs wanted to add respawn to the winter battle mode, but decided not to do it
- there will be more such fun modes in the future, next one might appear on April 1st
- apparently, SerB wanted to make an April 1st trolling – artillery would heal allies instead of damaging them
- the names of Russian tanks in the RU winter mode were made by Evilly
- the idea for winter mode came from one of the WG managers, who in the past created the Karl mode, races and football. He proposed to develop the Karl idea and to make something like Team Fortress with tanks
- the idea of superplatoons (5 man platoons) and specialized vehicles came up very long time ago, that’s why it was tested in the fun mode
- “tank healing” is a new feature for now, tested in the winter mode for the PvE mode
- at the beginning, there was a whole bunch of hidden missions in the winter mode to imitate the profitability with premium account, but it was found out based on statistics that the income of XP, crew XP and credits was too high, and so they nerfed them a bit, but the hidden missions active in platoons were not touched
- the general feedback is positive, Evilly considers this mode to be the first real fullblown mode, that players play not only a bit, but constantly
- Evilly uses XVM

- currently, WG is testing a random mode with respawns
- initially this mode was planned with respawns, but the respawn mechanism is still in early stage and WG didnt want to take risks with this mode
- it took two weeks to do this mode (from first prototype to release)
- sometimes, bugs appear with detracking and gun module destruction in this mode, but compared to the amount of these bugs in Chaffee racing, their number is insignificant
- developers will work on this “8-bit” mode, it will be updated and so will its economy model
- next “fun” mode will come on April 1st, it’s possible it will be an updated Karl along with the reworked Winter mode. If new mechanisms are available at that point (respawns for exampkle), they will definitely be used. At this moment many features are implemented via fun modes.
- the initial idea for New Year fun mode was a battle of KV-2′s with Santa Claus hats, that would shoot each other with snowballs, but everything depended on introducing new physics and that’s why this mode didn’t appear
- developers also had an idea for a third type of shells, that would actually build bricks (as cover), but it would require a lot of development and that’s why it was scrapped
- the idea of healing shells is very old, first who came with it was SerB, who wanted an April 1st trolling by giving arty “healing shells” in random battles. Last to propose this thing (healing shells for arty) was Jove (famous Russian videomaker) during his meeting with developers in Minsk. In the end, WG decided to use it in this fun mode.
- WG is working hard on PvE mode, which will apparently have some sort of “support class” (“healer”), that will be able to replenish health
- currently, Russian servers are experiencing lag due to the overload of internet pathways because of Russian Christmas holidays
- currently, Russian servers (all 9) are capable of handling 1,15 mil players at the same time
- the “Scout” (LT) in winter mode will be reworked in next version of the “8-bit” mode, as it’s weaker than other classes
- there will also apparently be a fun mode with respawns where everyone plays for himself
- superplatoons (5 man platoons) won’t be in random battles – for now. There were ideas to balance them against one another so each team always have one and to limit their number per battle to one.
- at first, developers thought to give healing shell green tracers, but this idea was scrapped later on

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