Sunday, January 18, 2015


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- Russian support service confirms that HT15 mission is bugged (one of the elements of the equation apparently does not count)
- Storm confirms that the AMX-50B in HD doesn’t have the green weakzones on frontal plate (the armor models that were leaked earlier were incorrect)
- HT11 mission is also bugged – it will not complete even if your tracks are damaged, it will be fixed
- the same bug as above applies for other missions as well, such as TD2
- MT12 description is incorrect, in it you personally have to kill 3 vehicles, not the entire platoon
- new premium tanks will be implemented “in near future”

- awarding the girl tankers and tokens needed for StuG IV (specifically, for SPG mission branch) is bugged, WG is working on it
- if you set an enemy on fire and get killed immediately after, the fire damage does count towards your reward even after you die
- there are some mods (SS: obsolete XVM?) that make your client show incorrect IM parameters (they make you see the conditions from 9.5 test, not the final ones), be sure you have the mods updated or remove them
- platoons in IM’s a bad idea? “Those are the conditions in the missions. It’s your right to complete them – or not. And yes – EVERY player has the possibility to play in a platoon”
- in order for the girl crew special perk to activate, the crew has to consist entirely of women
- IM vehicles do NOT have increased profitability, they are not premium tanks, but reward tanks

- according to Storm, there will be a separate test for new motion physics (or perhaps multiple tests), after which it will be decided what to do with it. This test will most likely take place in February, if nothing gets broken, but all major problems were handled already
- the new physics are apparently requiring (or can influence) when it comes to server performance
- WG was testing PvE lately, no comment on results
- there are plans for improved water effects
- regarding the viewrange nerfs of various classes, Storm states: “It’s complicated. We are currently actively studying statistics and heat maps to understand better what needs to be done and how. For now, there are no definitive conclusions.”
- it’s possible the Leopard 1 model will be changed as well in HD to feature more… “junk” on it
- the reason why Maus won’t have the junk hanging on it is that it’s large and historically, all sorts of things can be stored inside. Plus, the HD model is already made.

- new motion physics will definitely not come in 0.9.7 (the reason is transferring to new Bugworld version) (SS: this means that it will come in summer at the earliest)
- even experimental and paper tanks will get more “junk” (shovels and such) hanging on them, this was Storm’s personal decision
- the reason for the decision above is that without it, the tank looks “naked” and it really stands out from the vehicles that do have this sort of junk on them
- the exception to this rule are Maus and E-100, which are noticeable as they are
- a vehicle with stuff hanging on it looks more real

- Storm insists that the Russian player claim that “the developers don’t play their own game” is crap
- some of the top Wargaming people don’t play, but the lower staff do play more
- it won’t that terribly long before all tanks are reworked to HD
- players, rigging the individual missions will be banned
- Storm states that the public opinion had a lot of influence on the individual missions, some missions were removed or reworked as a result of player feedback
- developers started to work on HD IS-3
- it’s actually possible to use War Thunder tank models in World of Tanks. A player asked whether the Wargaming IS-3 will be as good as the Gaijin model, Storm answered that it will be better, it won’t look like it’s coated in guano
- according to developers, some of the individual missions are very difficult, but the reward is fitting (makes up for it)
- individual missions can generally be completed only on tier 4 vehicles and higher
- there are no plans to sell “tokens” for uncompleted individual missions (the way it was for WZ-111)
- it’s not possible to “save” the choice of nationality for the girl crewmember for later when you know, what kind of crew you need
- if you have no slots for girl crewmembers in the garage, it’s okay – you’ll apparently get a temporary free one like with other crews
- there’s no time limit for individual missions

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  1. "- it’s not possible to “save” the choice of nationality for the girl crewmember for later when you know, what kind of crew you need"

    That sucks!