Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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- Storm confirms: artillery will have exactly the same shell distribution as other the vehicles, the 9.6 nerf concerns arty too
- Storm is not aware of a plan to remove IS-6 from the shops
- in 9.6, HD Ferdinand has an incorrect track movement (it behaves like if the drive sprocket was in the front and not in the rear), it will be fixed
- there is a “legend” going on around RU forums about the IS-3 frontal armor breaking up in welds after being shot at. Storm states that this happened only once during the testing, after which the design of the frontal nose part was reworked for this never to happen again.
- it was proposed internally within WG to add Oddball’s Sherman from the movie Kelly’s Heroes.

- Wargaming is preparing a unified launcher for WoT, WoWs and WoWp apparently
- there will be a special (portal/forum) post about the accuracy changes in 9.6
- Firefly viewrange will be buffed to be comparable to other tanks of its class and tier
- spotting system will be reworked to eliminate the “tanks disappearing in the middle of the field” issue, ETA is “when it’s done it’s done”
- IM reward StuG IV will be useable in historical battles (when they return)
- small visual errors in models (like too shallow barrels and such) will be fixed until 9.6 release
- it would seem logical to introduce a feature where – if standing behind two bushes – you wouldn’t see the silhouette of enemy tank, but Storm confirms this was not done because a mod enabling the silhouettes back again would appear very soon
- T57 Heavy will not be buffed

- ramming system will be reworked to be simplier and more understandeable
- it’s possible T92 Light Tank will appear in the game
- it’s possible that apart from viewrange, TD camouflage factor will be nerfed as well
- no plans to ban noobmeter (XVM part showing player skill)
- only shell distribution within aim circle will be nerfed, the damage distribution and penetration distribution within the -25/+25 RNG will not change
- ST-I will not become tier 10… for now
- if the shell distribution nerf causes problems for some tanks with long aimtime (T-34-3), they will be buffed
- Q: “Storm, do you think that new branches in 2015 will bring something new to the gameplay?” A: “Multiturret mechanism and variable clearance could for example expand gameplay a bit.”
- EU nation trees will most likely be preceded by a premium tank of that respective nation (SS: the way it was with Chi-Nu Kai and the Japanese tree for example)
- some guns have a different alpha than the rest of the guns of their caliber. These guns will however not be rebalanced to correspond to the usual alpha.
- there will be further changes (buffs and nerfs) to more midtier tanks
- hitpoints of tanks issue (specifically low differences between classes on high tiers) will be reviewed
- there will be no TD hardcap in battles
- the new Bigworld version will not affect player experience, a player should not notice anything
- it’s possible separate settings of vertical stabilization and dynamic shooting effects will come with the new motion physics, but no guarantees (SS: not quite sure what this means, my guess is that the players want manual horizontal aiming while ignoring the effects from rocking of the tank)
- historical battles will return, but not anytime soon. The reason for that is that the game mode will be so different it’s gonna be almost an entirely new type of gameplay
- IS-3 is being worked on. The model was taken from the Stalin Line IS-3 – there are several pieces there in various states of (dis)repair
- it’s completely possible various IS-3 pieces were different when it comes to hull angles and thicknesses


  1. oh man ADD oddballs sherman!!!!

    1. Now that I would buy, ofc with Donald Sutherland sound mod...